The Tower Of Babel

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About the Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel is a true story from the Bible. It tells about some people who tried to build a tower that would reach into heaven. Let’s read on.

The story of the Tower of Babel took place after the flood in the days of Noah. Noah had three sons named Shem, Ham and Japheth. These sons in turn became the fathers of children. Noah’s descendants became very numerous as they multiplied in the earth.

One of Noah’s descendants was a man named Nimrod. He was a mighty hunter and a man of power and authority in the land. He became a king over all of the people because of his strength.

More about the Tower of Babel

In those days people liked to build high towers that reached way up in the sky. Perhaps they were afraid of another flood. Maybe they just simply wanted to show what they could do.

The ruins of towers can still be seen in various parts of the world. One of the most noted of these is the “Tower of Nimrod.” It is forty feet high and stands on the top of a hill near the River Euphrates in Asia.

In the time of Nimrod, the people said,

“Let us build a city and a tower. We will build the tower so high that the top will reach unto Heaven. Also, let’s make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

They began to build the tower, and they made it very strong. They kept building it higher and higher toward the heavens. They also wanted to use the tower as a temple for the idols which they worshiped.

the tower of babel

God was not pleased with the Tower

God was not pleased with what the people were doing. The people thought that they were so great and powerful that they did not need Him.

Therefore, He came down to earth and gave them different languages. Up to this time, all the people of the world had spoken the same language. But now, they were unable to understand each others’ languages.

There was great confusion and the people stopped building the tower, They separated themselves into groups. Each group spoke the same language. They spread out over the world, forming nations.

the tower of babel

The message in the Tower of Babel

The tower was called the Tower of Babel because of the babel, or confusion, of tongues. It was left unfinished as a sign of God’s power and man’s weakness without Him.

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