The Story Of Moses

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tells boys and girls that God protects and takes care of them. It also shows how God has a plan for your future.

Pharaoh’s law

Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, had made a law that every boy baby of the Hebrew race should be killed at birth. The Hebrews felt great sorrow because of the law.

When was born, his mother managed to hide him for three months. She then she made a cradle, or little ark, and put him into it. ’ mother carried him down to a river and hid the cradle among the reeds there.

Pharaoh’s daughter found in the little ark

Soon after this, Pharaoh’s daughter came with her maidens to the river-side. When she saw the handsome child, she sent one of her maidens to bring him to her.

the story of moses

Pharaoh’s daughter took the little boy to the palace and named him . He became a great man among the Egyptians. He knew, however, that he belonged to the Hebrew race.

When he saw how badly his own people were treated, he tried to help them. At last, however, he was forced to leave Egypt. became a shepherd and took care of the flocks of a priest called Jethro. He also married Jethro’s daughter.

God spoke to Moses and told him to rescue the Hebrews from Egypt

When he was eighty years old, God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush. He told him that he must go and rescue his people from the cruel Egyptians. Moses thought he could not do this, but God promised to help him.

the story of Moses

In order to prove to Moses that He would help, God turned the rod that Moses carried into a serpent. God told Moses to pick the serpent up by the tail. When Moses did so, the serpent became a rod again.

God also showed another sign to Moses. In spite of that, Moses was still afraid. He felt that he could not talk well and thought that Pharaoh would not listen to him. God then told him to take his brother Aaron to speak to Pharaoh on his behalf.

Moses and his brother Aaron went to see Pharaoh

Moses and Aaron went into Egypt. First, they called together the chief men among their own people, the Hebrews, or Israelites. They told them what God had commanded.

Moses also did the miracles which God had given him the power to do, and the people believed that God had sent him.

After this, Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh. They told him that the Lord had commanded him to let the Israelites go. Pharaoh knew nothing about God and became very angry.

He responded by saying that Moses and Aaron were keeping the people from their work by telling them such things. Pharaoh treated the poor Israelites worse than before.

Since Moses had faith in God; he was able to perform the wonderful miracles God had showed him in the presence of the King. In spite of this, Pharaoh would not let go of the children of Israel.

Moses performed amazing miracles in Egypt

Moses performed miracles in Egypt in order to help Pharoah to believe. First, he turned the waters of the rivers into blood. After that he caused large numbers of frogs to run over the land and through the houses.

Moses also brought locusts and other insects to torment the Egyptians. Pharaoh refused to listen to him.

Then God commanded Moses again, and he brought other plagues upon the Egyptians, but Pharaoh would not give up.

The final plague in Egypt

At last, God sent very terrible trouble In Egypt. The first-born of every Egyptian family, and even the first-born among their flocks, died. This did not happen to the Israelites, who were protected by God.

This final plague caused Pharaoh to become very frightened into obeying God. He let the Israelites go; so they started at once for the land of Canaan.

The Lord guided them by a cloud in the day. At night, He went behind them in a pillar of fire to protect them from their enemies.

The Israelites at the Red Sea

The Israelites traveled until they reached the Red Sea. They found that Pharaoh was pursuing them with a large army. God commanded Moses to stretch forth his rod over the sea. He did so, and the waters parted. There was a path in the center of the sea bed, and two walls of water on either side.

The children of Israel passed through and reached the other side in safety. Pharaoh and his hosts followed and were all drowned.

the story of Moses

When the children of Israel saw that they were safe, they sang a beautiful song of praise to God, and then they went on their way again.

God provided for the Israelites in the wilderness by performing miracles

After they had traveled for some time, they were in need of bread and meat. They complained about Moses because he had brought them to the wilderness where they did not have enough to eat.

God sent them plenty of birds called quails. He also sent manna from the sky six days a week. Manna was a whitish substance that they could eat. It was angels’ food.

Later, when the Israelites wanted water, the Lord commanded Moses to strike a rock with his rod. He did so and pure water poured out of the rock. The thirsty people and their animals drank all that they wanted.

God took care of the Israelites as they journeyed through the new and strange country toward the promised land. Moses became the law-giver of the Israelites, receiving his commandments from God.

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