Samson’s Capture: Bible Story

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Samson bible story

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Samson’s capture bible story tells about the arrest of the strongman

Samson’s capture: bible story is about Samson’s arrest and victory over his enemies. Read on to learn more.

Samson was captured by his enemies because Delilah had cut his hair. After his capture, his enemies poked him in the eyes and blinded him.

After that, the Philistines put chains on Samson and took him to prison (Judges 16: 21).

Samson had to work very hard while he was in the prison. He had to grind grains of corn and other seeds. He could not move around because of the chains on his hands and feet.

Samson felt very sad. He was also weak because he had lost his hair.

He prayed and asked God to forgive him for doing wrong; and to give him a chance to make things right.

Samson’s hair began to grow again

While he was in prison, something amazing began to happen. Samson’s hair began to grow again. He was elated.

The Philistines had forgotten that Samson’s strength was in his hair, so they did not cut it off.

One day, the Philistines decided to celebrate Samson’s capture. Thousands of them gathered in their temple to praise a false god called Dagon.

Dagon was a false god that could not see or hear. The Philistines had made an image of Dagon and placed it in their temple. They made Dagon with the face and hands of a man and the tail of a fish.

The Philistines did not know that the true and living God hated idol worship and was very, very angry with them.

They celebrated and said that Dagon had delivered their enemy Samson into their hands.

There was a huge crowd in the bulding. Three thousand people were on the roof and the Philistine rulers were also there

Samson destroyed the Philistine temple

The people became very elated and called for Samson to brought into the temple. The Philistine rulers sent for him and placed him in the center of the building.

They made Samson stand between the pillars of the temple. These pillars held up the temple and were very important.

Samson felt around and asked the little boy who was guiding him to place his hands on the pillars.

Samson bible story

Samson firmly placed his right and left hands on the pillars. Making sure that he had a firm grip, he began to push on them with all of his might.

Full of faith, Samson prayed and asked God for the strength to pull the down the building. God heard his prayer and gave him the strength that he needed.

Samson pushed against the pillars with all his might.


The roof of the temple crashed down in a great cloud of dust. There was a huge, roaring sound of crashing and smashing and breaking.

Everyone at the temple died with Samson that day. He had killed more Philistines in that one event than at any other time in his life.

God forgave Samson and will do the same for you

Samson’s life ended prematurily because he disobeyed God and sinned. His actions did not please God. He became a slave because he did not remember God’s warning to avoid temptation.

Like Samson, all of us are sinners. We were born with sin inside. God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

All of the punishment for sin is death, but Christ died in our place.

Sin blocks us from loving and pleasing God. God wants to be our closest friend. When we confess our sins, He will forgive us and cleanse us from all of it.

To confess sins means to tell God about the bad things we think about and have done. It also means to stop doing them.

When you choose to obey the Word of God, you become a friend of God. This is how God wants you to live.

You can learn how God wants you to live by reading the Bible, which is His Word.

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