Samson And The Lion And Other Bible Stories About His Strength

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Samson and the lion and other amazing about his strength

Today we will learn about Samson and the lion and four other amazing about his strength. God had given Samson super strength and he did amazing things.

These stories are real and are found in the book of Judges.

The Bible Story of Samson And Delilah

Samson’s strength versus the lion’s strength

One day, Samson and his parents were traveling to a Philistine village called Timnah to make wedding arrangements. He was going to marry a beautiful girl there, although he was not permitted by God.

Samson and his parents came to a vineyard bursting with grapes. Because of his Nazarite vow, Samson could not eat or drink anything made from grapes, including raisins and wine.

Samson walked along a different route in order to escape from the sights and odors of the grapes.

Suddenly, a young lion leaped out from the vines.

“RRRRRAAAAGGHHHH!” roared the lion.

It slashed at Samson with its sharp teeth and claws. The
Spirit of God came over Samson and he was not afraid. He grabbed the lion and tore it into pieces with his bare hands.

Samson kept this event a secret and didn’t tell his parents what he had done.

Some time later, Samson returned along the same path to marry a beautiful girl he had met in Timnah. He passed along the road where the dead lion lay. He saw that bees had made a hive inside its body.

The lion was filled with deliciously sweet honey. Samson scooped the honey out of the lion and ate it all up. Again, he didn’t tell anyone what he had done.

samson's strength

Samson versus thirty Philistines

Later that week in Timnah, the wedding celebrations began. Samson’s father-in-law invited thirty young men to join them. The musicians thumped their drums and the guests danced and ate until they were full.

To pass time, Samson told them a riddle.

“Out of the eater came food, out of the strong came sweetness.”

“If you can solve the riddle,” said Samson, “I will give you thirty sets of fine clothes. If you cannot solve it, you must give me thirty sets of clothing.”

For three days, the young men tried to solve the riddle. But no matter how hard they tried, they could not find the answer.

Glaring at Samson’s bride, they said,

“This Israelite is making us look like fools. Get us the answer, or we will burn down your father’s house and you in it.”

Samson’s frightened bride threw herself in front of him. She pleaded:

“You must give me the answer to the riddle.”

Samson’s answer was no! After a few days, Samson grew tired of listening to her cry. He gave her the answer, and in turn, she told the wedding guests.

The guests laughed all evening at their good fortune. They went to Samson and gave him the answer to the riddle:

“What is sweeter than honey? And what is stronger than a lion?”

Samson’s eyes blazed with anger. He knew he had been tricked.

If you hadn’t ploughed with my heifer, you would not know the answer to my riddle,” he thundered.

The Spirit of God came over Samson again. Flexing his bulging muscles, he marched to a nearby town and killed thirty Philistines. He removed their clothing and gave them to the wedding guests. He angrily returned to his home in Israel without his bride.

Samson’s battle with the Philistines had begun.

samson and the lion

Samson versus three hundred foxes

Around the Feast of Shavuot, when the wheat was ready to be harvested, Samson returned to Timnah to visit his bride. He discovered that she was married to someone else.

“You ran away, so I gave my daughter to another man,” said her father. “Marry her younger sister instead. She’s even prettier.”

Samson roared in anger. How dare his bride marry someone else! He decided to teach the Philistines a lesson.

He caught three hundred foxes and tied them in twos with tail to tail. He then tied burning torches to their tails. The foxes raced through the fields in a panic, setting fire to everything in sight.

All the wheat was burned to blackened ashes. When the farmers saw their empty fields, they were furious:

“Samson has destroyed our crops,” they shouted, “and this is his father-in-law’s fault.”

They found Samson’s bride and her father and burned them both to death. Samson became angrier than before. He attacked the Philistines and killed many men.

After this deed, he went to a place called  Etam to live in a fortified place high on a rock.

samson and the lion

Samson versus three thousand men

The Philistines were determined to capture Samson, and sent soldiers to an Israelite locale called  Lehi to capture him.

They said to the frightened Israelites:

“Help us capture this brute and we will leave you alone.”

The Israelites quickly agreed because they were tired of the trouble Samson was causing. Since Samson was big and strong. the Israelites sent three thousand men to the top of the rock Etam to find him.

When they reached the cave, they said to Samson,

“What are you doing to us? The Philistines are our rulers. We must hand you over to them before you cause more trouble.”

They tied him up with new ropes and marched back to Lehi with him.

As soon as the Philistines saw Samson, they gave a great shout and ran toward him with their swords and spears.

The Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson. He tore the ropes from his arms, and grabbed the jawbone of a donkey that lay in the road. He used the donkey’s jawbone to kill a thousand Philistines.

samson and the lion

Samson versus the huge city gates

For many years, Samson judged the Israelites. Judges were military commanders who made big decisions and helped rule the people of Israel. It was an important job, but Samson couldn’t stay out of trouble for long.

One day, Samson went to see a Philistine woman in the city of Gaza. News of his arrival spread quickly throughout the city. The people plotted against Samson:

Let’s kill Samson in the morning when he leaves,” they said.

They surrounded the house where Samson was staying and set a trap for him at the city gate. Samson knew something was wrong.

He jumped out of bed and marched through the streets to the city gate. Using all of his strength, Samson ripped the doors and the two bars from the gate. He threw them onto his shoulders and escaped.

samson and the lion

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