Jesus The Little Boy

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Jesus The Little Boy

Jesus The Little Boy is a beautiful story of the boyhood of Jesus. It teaches a wonderful lesson of obedience to parents and love and respect for them. Jesus the little boy also teaches us about the beauty of a pure and consecrated childhood.

When he was a little boy, Jesus was gifted with a wisdom far beyond His years. He possessed this wisdom because He was the Son of God. He lived much as other boys lived.

He had to perform the tasks that were given to Him by His parents. He also had to be obedient to them in all good things.

Jesus’ mother was a lovely lady named Mary. His earthly father was a carpenter called Joseph. However, God in Heaven was His Father.

jesus the little boy

Jesus looked like a regular little boy to the people around

Jesus looked like a regular little boy to the people around. Maybe the people around Him did not think very much about what He said or did during those years.

They knew that He helped Joseph, the carpenter. Joseph was Mary’s husband. People thought that he was Jesus’ father. They did not know that God was His father.

The people saw Jesus doing the little things which Mary, His mother, asked Him to do. He appeared to be very much like other little boys in the neighbourhood.

Maybe the people thought that He was bright and pleasing. Maybe there was something in His looks and in His manner which puzzled them. Maybe they thought of holy things when they saw Him.

However, Mary was the only one who dwelt upon the mystery of His life with constant, prayerful questions.
Mary treasured all His sayings in her heart. She believed that the time would come when everyone would know that He was not just an ordinary child.

Jesus grew up in the city of Nazareth when He was a little boy

An Angel of God had told Joseph in a dream to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt because the King was trying to kill Him. He spent a few year there, but Joseph returned to Israel with his little family.

Joseph only returned to Israel when the wicked King Herod was dead. He took the family to live in the city of Nazareth. In doing so, he fulfilled the prophecies that said that Jesus, the Savior of the World, should be a Nazarene.

Jesus attended the Feast of Passover in Jerusalem when he was a little boy of twelve

Every year the Jews held a feast at Jerusalem called the Feast of the Passover. It was celebrated in memory of the time when God passed over, or spared, His chosen people in Egypt. On the night of the first Passover, God destroyed the first-born of the Egyptians.

When Jesus was twelve years old He went to Jerusalem with Joseph and Mary to attend this feast. Many of His relatives and family friends also went up to Jerusalem.

Mary and Joseph discovered that Jesus went missing from the crowd that had attended the Feast of Passover

The family started home with the other people after the Feast of Passover was over. They travelled home in a company that consisted of people on foot. Some people rode on donkeys.

They had food to eat on the way home. They also had other things which they had brought for their comfort. Jesus was not in Mary and Joseph’s company when the family left Jerusalem.

However, He was accustomed to spending time with His relatives so they did not worry about Him. However, after they had traveled for a day on the return trip, they were greatly surprised and troubled to find that He was missing.

Mary and Joseph returned to Jerusalem to look for Jesus

Mary and Joseph immediately started back for Jerusalem. They wondered what could have happened to their boy! They were anxious and worried.

They hunted and hunted all over Jerusalem, asking people about Him. Three days later, they found Him in the temple talking with the learned men. He was listening to their wise words, and asking questions which astonished everybody.

Jesus’s questions astonished everyone because they were full of an understanding of holy things that was not to be expected of a boy. When His parents had found Him, Mary said to Him, sorrowfully,

“Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have looked for you with much sorrow.”

jesus the little boy

Jesus told His parents that He had been doing His Father’s work

Jesus turned to Mary and respectfully asked:
“Why were you looking for me? Don’t you not know that I must do my Father’s work?”

Jesus was trying to help Mary and Joseph to understand the great meaning of His life. However, they were puzzled and Mary wondered over and over about His words.

Jesus said goodbye to the people in the Temple and returned home with His parents. He obeyed them as before, for the time had not come for Him to leave them and begin His teaching.

Jesus’ example formed a great part of the purpose for which He was sent into the world. One of the most important things a child could do is to obey his or her parents in doing what is right.

The Angels’ Song

“Praise thou the Lord!” the angels cry
The song of peace and love,
Comes floating downward thro’ the sky,
From unseen courts above.

By Jesus Loves Me

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