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Jesus Feeds The Multitude is the first in our new series called “.” These miracles show not only the power of our Lord but also His tenderness and thoughtfulness for those around Him in the everyday affairs of life.

He cared for the souls and physical comfort of His people. This is because His heart was ever open to the cry of human need.

Jesus helps Peter to find fish

One of the first helpful acts by which Jesus manifested His power was to the men who afterward became His disciples.

Jesus saw two ships by the Lake of Gennesaret with the fishermen nearby washing their nets. He went aboard one of the ships, which belonged to Simon Peter.

Jesus then asked Simon Peter to put the ship out a little way from land. When His request had been complied with, He taught the people from the ship.

After He had finished His teaching, Jesus said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught.” Simon replied that they had worked all night and had caught no fish, but that they would do as He bade them.

When they had let out the net, it filled with so many fishes that it broke. Simon Peter and his helpers had to call to their partners in the other ship to come and help them. Soon, both ships were filled with fishes. Simon Peter, James and John left all to follow Jesus.

Jesus chose twelve Apostles and sent them to preach

Jesus had chosen twelve out of the many people who flocked about Him wishing to be His disciples. These twelve were called Apostles.

Jesus sent them forth to preach the gospel, giving them the power to cast out evil spirits and to heal diseases. When they were about to go forth upon their mission, He gave them instructions regarding what they were to do. He also warned them of the persecutions which would be heaped upon them.

Jesus also bade them be strong and not to fear those who had the power to kill the body only because the soul was far more precious. So the Apostles went out into the cities and towns and preached the word of God. They carried blessings with them.

When they came back they told Jesus what they had done, and they went with Him across the sea of Galilee to a quiet spot where they could rest and talk over their work.

Jesus feeds the multitude bible stories

Jesus asked the disciples to feed the crowd

But the people went around the sea, or lake, to join them on the other side. When Jesus saw the crowds He felt sorry for them. He taught and healed them again as He had done so many times.

In the evening His disciples urged Him to send the people away so that they might buy food for themselves in the village. Instead, Jesus replied, “give ye them to eat.”

The disciples thought this would be impossible. They replied, “we have here but five loaves and two fishes.” When He said, “Bring them hither to Me,” they obeyed Him with wonder.

Jesus blessed five loaves and two fishes then multiplied them for over 5000 people

Jesus then commanded the people to sit down in groups upon the green grass. He took the loaves and gave thanks to God for them. He then broke them into pieces, handing them to His disciples to give to the people.

Jesus divided the fishes also in the same way. The disciples went about among the groups giving each person a share. Everyone had enough to eat. Although there were about five thousand men there, besides women and children, the food was sufficient for all.

Even more than this, when the multitude had eaten all that they wanted, the disciples gathered up twelve baskets full of the broken pieces.

Jesus multiplied seven loaves and a few small fishes on another occasion

On another occasion, a great crowd had gathered to hear Him and had been for a long time without food. Jesus called His disciples to Him and told them that He felt very sorry for the people because they had been fasting for three days. He told the disciples that He could not send them away so weak and hungry because they would faint before they could reach home.

But His disciples said they did not know where they could get food for so many, as they were in the wilderness.

Jesus asked them how many loaves of bread they had, and they told Him seven, and also a few small fishes.

Then Jesus bade the people sit down on the ground around Him. He took the seven loaves and the fishes and offered thanks to God. Afterward, He broke the loaves into pieces as He had done before and gave them, with the fishes, to His disciples.

The disciples distributed the bread and fish among the people. As they gave out the food it continued to increase wonderfully. All of the people were fed. Even after that, there was enough food leftover. The disciples took up seven baskets full, although about four thousand men, with many women and children, had eaten.

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