Three People Who Jesus Healed

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people Jesus healed

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about three people who Jesus healed

Today’s bible story is about three people who Jesus healed. When He was on earth, Jesus helped many people to recover from many kinds of illnesses.

When they got healed, there was a lot of rejoicing. The friends, family and neigbours would rejoice with those who got better.

We’ll talk about four of these people today. They are:

  • a man sick with a nasty diseases called leprosy.
  • the servant of a Captain in the Roman army.
  • Apostle Peter’s mother in law.

Apostle Matthew is the author of these accounts. He was one of the twelve disciples who Jesus trained and who went everywhere with Him.

Matthew saw the miracles first hand and wrote them down for us in Matthew 8:1-17. Let’s learn more.

Jesus healed a man with leprosy

One day, Jesus was met by a man who was sick with
leprosy. Leprosy was a very terrible disease and lepers could not go near to others.

People were afraid of leprosy and would not live in the same house with a leper.

The leper fell down on his knees and said to Jesus:

‘Lord, if you choose to, you can make my skin like new.’

Jesus touched the man. He was instantly healed. Jesus said to him,

‘Go to the temple and give a gift of thanks to God.’

Can you imagine how joyful the man was as he ran off to give his gift to the priest?

Jesus healed the servant of a Roman soldier

Jesus went to a city called Caparnaum where he lived. He was met by a Roman soldier, who was a Captain over many one hundred soldiers.

The soldier said to Jesus,

“Lord, my servant is sick at home. One side of his body is weak and limp.”

Jesus replied, “I will come and heal him.”

The soldier said to Jesus,

“Lord, I am not worthy. I am a sinner. I do not deserve for you to come into my house. Please say the word, and my servant shall be healed.”

“I recogize you power. When you speak miracles happen.”

Jesus was amazed at the soldier’s faith. He turned to the people in the crowd and said,

“this soldier has great faith, more than any one in Israel.”

He turned to the soldier and said,

“You can go, your servant will be healed because you believed.”

The soldier’s servant was healed in that same hour.

Jesus healed Apostle Peter’s mother in law

Jesus went to visit Apostle Peter’s home. When He arrived, he discovered that Peter’s mother in law was sick in bed. She had a very high fever.

Jesus touched her hand and the fever left her. After she was healed, Peter’s mother in law got up and prepared food for the Lord and his friends to eat.

Jesus can heal you too

If you are sick at any time, ask the Lord Jesus to make you better. He will hear your prayer.


Story references and images contributed by  Lambsongs

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