Human Spirit: The Existence Of The Human Spirit Before Birth

In this live audio, Mercedes Moss explores evidence provided in the Book of Enoch and the Holy Bible that the human spirit existed before time in an eternal realm. Created by God, who is called the “Lord of Spirits” seventy eight times in the Book of Enoch, the human spirit is encased in the physical body and is eternal.

Evidence from the Holy Scriptures show that God if the “Father of Spirits” (Hebrews 2:9) and the “God of the spirits of all flesh.” (Numbers 16: 22 and Numbers 27: 16).

The Book of Enoch differentiates between “…the spirits of heaven” which dwell in heaven, and “the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth.” (Book of Enoch – Book 1: Chapter 15 verse 10).

What we need to take away is that humans are really eternal spirits who came from God. We need to remember to nurture, grow and develop the spirit with spiritual elements that give life and death.

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